Campus Safety

Emergency Response Guidelines

Providing a safe teaching and learning environment is a primary concern of Siena Heights University. Please take time to read through these guidelines and our Safety Awareness Handbook/Crime Statistics Right to Know Act and familiarize yourself with the programs and activities we offer. Educate yourself about what you can do personally to make your campus a safer place.


Important Files

 TitleModified DateSize 
Sheltering in Place2/27/2015214.12 KBDownload
Suicide Threat and Psychological Emergency2/27/2015230.90 KBDownload
Severe Weather and Reverse Evacuation2/27/2015217.75 KBDownload
Sexual Assault and Harassment2/27/2015255.71 KBDownload
Utility Emergency2/27/2015233.29 KBDownload
Vehicle Crash on Campus2/27/2015210.74 KBDownload
Syllabus Insert2/10/2011190.92 KBDownload
Theft2/27/2015198.59 KBDownload
Campus Closing2/27/2015234.56 KBDownload
Distuptive or Criminal Behavior2/27/2015210.75 KBDownload
Active Shooter2/10/2011250.20 KBDownload
Bomb Threat2/27/2015185.27 KBDownload
Hostage or Terrorist Situation2/27/2015313.81 KBDownload
Medical Response2/27/2015237.98 KBDownload
Emergency Evacuation Protocol2/27/2015219.81 KBDownload
Hazardous Material Incident2/27/2015230.95 KBDownload