Consumer Information

Siena Heights University provides information in compliance with the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008 (HEOA),which requires postsecondary institutions participating in federal student aid to make certain disclosures to current and prospective students, employees, and the public. 

General Information

• About Siena Heights University
• Mission and History
• Fast Facts
• Facilities/Campus Map

Degree Programs

• Accreditation
• Academic Programs
• Faculty & Staff Directory
• Transfer Policy


• Athletic Program Participation and Financial Support Report
In compliance with the Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act (EADA), SHU annually files a report with the U.S. Department of Education through the online survey provided by the Department. Data from this survey is provided through the "Equity in Athletics Data Analysis Cutting Tool." Please contact the SHU Athletic Department at 517-264-7870 to make arrangements to view SHU’s EADA Report.

• Athletic Aid Report
• Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act

 Health and Safety

• Annual Security and Fire Safety Report (Please click on the link to the Safety Awareness Handbook and scroll to the pertinent information)
• Crime Statistics‌ 
• Emergency Response Guidelines
• Missing Student Notification Policy and Procedures (clink link to Safety Awareness Handbook & scroll to Missing Student Notification Policy)
• Health Requirements for Incoming Students
• Drug & Alcohol Policy (click link to Safety Awareness Handbook & scroll to Drug and Alcohol Policy; Employees: Log in to MySiena and find the Employee Handbook on the Human Resources page. Navigate to Section 4 [Employment Law], Drug Free Workplace Policy)
• Title IX

 Student Records

• Office of the Registrar
• Annual FERPA Notice
• Withdrawal Policy

 Student Services

• Disability Guide
• Student Diversity: Office of Diversity and Inclusion
• Student Diversity: Data
• Office of Career Services
• Employment and Education Pursued by Graduates

Tuition and Financials

• Current Tuition and Fees
• Net Price Calculator
• Financial Aid Information/Office of Financial Aid
• Refund Policy
• Return of Federal Student Aid (FSA)
• Student Billing
• Student Loans
• Private Loan Self-Certification
• Code of Conduct
• Textbook Information
• Title IV Loan Counseling
    • Entrance Counseling
    • Exit Counseling

Other Compliance Links

• Copyright policy
• Peer-to-peer file sharing issues
• Safeguarding Customer Information
• Completion/Graduation and Retention Rates for First-Time, Full-Time Cohorts
• Cohort Default Rate on Federal Student Loans
• Constitution and Citizenship Day
• Public Complaint Processes
• Teacher Education Program Report
• State Agency for Student Complaints

Other Links

• Voter Registration 
• SHU Profile on College Navigator
Note: College Navigator is maintained by the U.S. Department of Education and may contain data that is out of date.

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