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A Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Siena Heights University will open many types of employment opportunities for you. With Siena Heights University’s emphasis on communication and ethics, you may confidently choose to start a new career or take your work in the business field to the next level.

The Capstone Experience: To complete the major, Business students adopt the role of CEO and present a final case analysis to a panel of industry professionals—demonstrating the student’s understanding of business’s best practices.

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The ability to express ideas in writing, verbally and  visually 

The ability to develop original ideas or use common solutions in unique ways

Analytical ability
The skill to effectively separate a complex problem into its component parts in order to identify solutions

Integrative thinking
The ability to detect interrelationships among component parts and assess their importance in creating solutions

The ability to examine decisions in light of ethical and corporate social responsibility principles as well as their effects on stakeholders worldwide. 

The business learning outcomes are skills employers seek, and therefore cornerstones of the program. 

Ball, Stephen R.

Ball, Stephen R.

Professor of Management734-219-3990
Bearden, Laura A.

Bearden, Laura A.

Associate Professor of Accounting517-264-7689
Campbell, Linda M.

Campbell, Linda M.

Professor of Accounting517-264-7859
Himelhoch, Carol R.

Himelhoch, Carol R.

Professor of Management734-996-4521
Luniku, Rubin

Luniku, Rubin

Assistant Professor of Economics517-264-7626
Kolacz, Michael

Kolacz, Michael

Professor of Business Management517-264-7659
Ripper, Matthew

Ripper, Matthew

Assistant Professor of Business Management517-264-7622
Terrany, Sabrina S.

Terrany, Sabrina S.

Associate Professor of Marketing517-264-7625

Learn about internship opportunities in the Business Administration program.

NOTE: Internships apply to Adrian campus undergraduate students only.

About Internships

The heart of the internship is the success the intern achieves in encountering and solving real-life problems in a professional workplace setting.

The SHU business internship program provides the following benefits:

  • Help to provide students with relevant work experience, which is key to securing a job upon graduation.
  • While not required, internship credit can be applied to the major requirements.
  • Paid internships help defray educational costs for the student.
  • Students develop a digital portfolio of their internship project to share with prospective employers.

Our students have interned at numerous companies, including:

  • Anderson Corp.
  • Croswell Opera House
  • Enterprise
  • First Federal Bank
  • Greenstone Farm Credit
  • Kapnick Insurance
  • Kraft Foods
  • NBC Toledo Channel 24
  • The Palace of Auburn Hills
  • Promedica Health Systems
  • WLEN Radio
  • Wacker Silicones

#1. Case based program: Students learn the concepts through case analysis. From early in the program, class discussions around real-world business cases allow students to learn how to think through any problem and gain the analytical skills to make an informed decision in any situation. Our capstone course requires an extensive case analysis that is presented to a panel of faculty and the business community.

#2. Internship and experiential opportunities: Through guided supervision and mentoring, students have the opportunity to do work related to their majors, be challenged and learn how to work in the real world. The experience will make the students more marketable.

#3 Study abroad: Students have the opportunity to study in Europe. They take six credit hours in a global setting with students coming from many different cultures. They experience different styles of education and witness new ways of life. Our students return home with a new perspective on culture, language and education…all attractive to potential employers. 

Learn about the career opportunities you can have with a degree in Business Administration.

When you graduate with a BBA degree from Siena Heights University you are prepared for the following business careers:

  • Account Executive
  • Arts Administrator
  • Benefits Coordinator
  • Customer Relations Specialist
  • Financial Planner
  • Marketing Manager
  • Product Manager
  • Media Buyer
  • Advertising Manager
  • Public Relations Coordinator
  • Operations Manager
  • Project Manager
  • Small Business Owner
  • Sales Manager
  • Social Entrepreneur
  • Training Specialist

Business schools are a dime a dozen, so why earn a management or marketing degree with Siena Heights University's College for Professional Studies? SHU will help students become competent in business principles and analysis, leading to rational decision-making.

SHU's Online BBA program offers the following concentrations:

• Accounting
• Business Administration
• Health Care Management
• Information Technology Management
• Management
• Marketing

 CPS business students also engage in big ethical issues that come with management and marketing. SHU's foundation in professionalism, supporting the Catholic principle of solidarity with communities they serve and the dignity of workers, gives a deeper purpose and broader education -- firmly rooted in the liberal arts -- better than run-of-the-mill business schools can.

SHU's Dominican and Catholic traditions support the reach for respect and inclusion, and for the common good that is an important element of the management and marketing professions. 

Learn more about the Business Management Association (BMA) campus club.

The Business Management Association (BMA) is a campus club that welcomes students interested in business (from accounting to entrepreneurship, from international studies to marketing). The club serves three major purposes: education, service, and social enrichment.

Volunteering as a club officer provides students the additional opportunity to develop, strengthen and apply leadership skills.

Bachelor of Business Administration

A Bachelor of Business Administration degree from Siena Heights University will open many types of employment opportunities for you. BBA grads pursue careers in advertising, banking, small business ownership, manufacturing and retailing. You will master the skills employers are seeking. With Siena Heights University’s emphasis on 21st century skills and ethics, you may confidently choose to start a new career or take your work in the business field to the next level.

Business majors at Siena Heights will also receive a concentration in one or more of the following areas:

Students in the accounting concentration sharpen their skills on the basics and then move on to advanced skills like analysis and interpretation of accounting information for decision-making purposes. Among the many topic areas for accounting students are accounting, auditing and taxation.

Our well-balanced and comprehensive curriculum enables students to assume responsible roles as systems analysts, software programmers, database administrators, network specialists, web developers and information systems managers. 

Learn the necessary skills to start and manage your own business.

The emphasis in the finance concentration is on money and markets. You will learn the tools necessary to analyze corporate statements and the best investment strategies for individuals and businesses.

Management students focus on the issues of leadership, labor relations, organizational behavior, teamwork and entrepreneurship.

Students interested in marketing want to enter career fields like product management, market research, and e-commerce.

Meet Garrett Broom, Class of 2006

Garrett Broom

Major: Business Administration

Current title/position: Director of Development, University of Wisconsin Athletics Department

What Garrett is doing: After spending two years in the private sector of retail banking, he made the transition into intercollegiate athletics. The turning point in my personal and professional life was when Neil Cockburn (former SHU assistant coach) called him and gave him an opportunity to be his graduate assistant coach at Webber International University (Fla.). He then knew he wanted to pursue a career in intercollegiate athletic administration. He has since served as a development assistant with the Golden Gopher Fund, the fundraising arm for the athletic department at the University of Minnesota, and later as an assistant director of Development for the Ole Miss Athletics Foundation for University of Mississippi’s Athletic Department. Since February, he is serving as director of Development for the University of Wisconsin Athletic Department.

"Take advantage of your time as a student at SHU. It is really hard to figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life, but once you do, it is a very powerful thing. I urge students to go into a field you are really excited and passionate about because when that is your career, it really makes it fun. Use your resources around you by talking to professors and reaching out to people in the field you are interested in. It today’s world there is a lot of information out there, so reach out to CEOs, teachers, coaches, accountants, etc. and ask to do an informational interview. Or, if possible, job shadow an industry leader. That will help network and give you a feel for the industry you are looking into."

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