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Siena Heights University is focusing its efforts and resources to transition from the 48-hour Community Counseling program to the new 60-hour Clinical Mental Health Counseling degree curriculum. 

The Clinical Mental Health Counseling program:
• Develops core competencies for effective, ethical counseling
• Prepares resilient, self-reflective counselors
• Explores well-being in mind, body and spirit
• Develops scholar-practitioner skills for continuous professional learning
• Prepares students for licensure and counseling certifications

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The Clinical Mental Health Counseling program at Siena Heights University admits students in cohort groups whose degree plans are structured to allow them to complete our program in approximately 3 years. We strive to develop a culture within and around our cohorts of compassion, friendship and resilient positivity. Courses are offered on the Adrian, Lansing and Southfield campuses.

Completion of the Master of Arts degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling leads to the Limited Licensed Professional Counselor (LLPC) credential in the State of Michigan. Achieving the status of a licensed professional counselor (LPC) is dependent on successful completion of both 3000 post-graduate supervised clock hours and the National Counselor Exam (NCE).

Applicants meeting selection criteria (strong writing sample and letters of recommendation, relevant work experience, etc.) will be invited to a personal admissions interview. The minimum G.P.A. requirement is 3.0 (probationary admission under 3.0 may be considered.)

Our alumni are professional counselors in:
• mental health clinics
• substance abuse clinics
• state/county agencies
• corporations
• residential youth facilities
• alternative schools
• hospitals
• hospices
• crisis centers
• homeless shelters
• churches
• missions
• domestic violence centers
• vocational centers
• child welfare agencies
• group homes
• colleges/universities
• probation offi ces
• correctional facilities
• private practice

Degree Requirements: 60 semester hours

Course# Name Hours
CMH 620 Foundations of Clinical Mental Health 3
CMH 623 Psychology Over the Lifespan 3
CMH 626 Relationship Building Skills 3
CMH 629 Counseling Theories and Procedures 3
CMH 632 Ethical and Legal Issues in Counseling 3
CMH 635 Group Procedures in Counseling 3
CMH 638 Counseling Diverse Populations 3
CMH 641 Career Development 3
CMH 644 Analysis and Appraisal 3
CMH 647 Psychopathology and Resilience 3
CMH 650 Diagnosis and Psychopharmacology 3
CMH 653 Prevention /Intervention with Adults 3
CMH 656 Prevention/Intervention with Children 3
CMH 659 Neuroscience, Hope and the Spirit 3
CMH 662 Advanced Evaluation/Conceptualization 3
CMH 665 Consulting Theory and Practice 3
GRS 602 Introduction to Research 3

Counseling Field Experiences

CMH 680 Counseling Field Practicum 3
CMH 682 Counseling Internship 3

Counseling Electives (students may take 3 hours)

CMH 670 Addictions Counseling 1
CMH 671 Family Counseling 1
CMH 672 Relationship Counseling 1
CMH 673 Counseling Women 1
CMH 674 Counseling Men 1
CMH 675 Counseling in Criminal Justice 1
CMH 676 Group Leadership Laboratory 3
CMH 698 Special Topics: Global Setting 3
CMH 699 Special Topics 1
GRS 601 History and Philosophy of Ideas 3
CMH 694 Thesis/Project Seminar 3

Pettit, Linda Sandel

Pettit, Linda Sandel

Part-Time Consultant- Grad College Counseling
Ermiger, Jennifer

Ermiger, Jennifer

Assistant Professor of Counseling, Graduate College, Southfield Campus248-799-5490

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Dr. Jenny Ermiger

Assistant Director/Assistant Professor of Counselor Education, Graduate College


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Romie Jeffrey Pinkett '07MA

School Counseling & Community Counseling Graduate, Metro Detroit Program
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