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The Communications Studies program prepares students for careers in a wide range of fields, including professional writing, public relations, graduate education, law school, creative positions in public relations and advertising (through the digital communication concentration), and a wide variety of other careers that require competent communication professionals.

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The Communications Program is an interdisciplinary program of study that approaches the study of human communications and expression through various lenses.

It transcends both the humanities and social sciences emphasizing the scientific approach to the study of communication as well as the more artistic and expressive forms of culture. Throughout the coursework, students become versed in the role of communications in power negotiations and identity formation by examining society, culture, politics, technology, and media in various local, national and global contexts.

This program sets students up for success in a variety of different occupations, as students cater their degree plan towards their interests in fields such as business, marketing, broadcasting, journalism, media, non-profit work or continued graduate-level studies in various disciplines.

The major offers students specializations in:
• Business communication
• Professional writing
• Digital communication
• Religious communication

Each specialization prepares students to enter a variety of careers from public relations and human resources, journalism, graduate school, law school, advertising or a variety of new media positions.

The required internship requirement allows each student to gain professional job experience and direction regarding career choices prior to graduation. The program’s capstone project is a research study based on the student’s area of specialization that is completed at in his/her junior/senior year with the help of the communications faculty. 

Clare, Callie

Clare, Callie

Assistant Professor of Communications517-264-7633
#1. Faculty with interdisciplinary backgrounds including: film and media studies, popular culture, American studies, cultural studies, folklore and English

#2. An emphasis on media and political literacy and analysis.

#3: Degree plans and concentrations suited for a wide variety of occupations in business, journalism, publishing, non-profits, marketing or further graduate-level studies.

Professional Writing
The Professional Writing specialization helps students improve their writing skills in preparation for graduate school or to pursue a career in editing, publishing or journalism. The specialization gives students an opportunity to build a writing portfolio through coursework with the student news organization, Spectra, and the student literary journal, Eclipse.

ENG 150: Creative Writing
ENG 242: Spectra (3 semesters required; 1 credit hour per semester)
ENG 272: Introduction to Editing a Literary Journal: Eclipse
ENG 273: Introduction to Publishing a Literary Magazine: Eclipse
ENG 362: Advanced Editing a Literary Journal: Eclipse
ENG 363: Advanced Publishing a Literary Magazine: Eclipse                           

Business Communication
The Business Communication specialization prepares students through the core communication classes to become strong professional writers and public speakers who are grounded in the communication theories and research methods necessary to succeed in the business world. The program’s focus on public relations/marketing courses prepares students for careers in sales, public relations, hospitality, nonprofit work and numerous other business-related occupations.

BAM 100: Intro to Business
BAM 201: Business Communication
MKT 310: Marketing Principles and Cases
MKT 351: Marketing and Promotion 

Digital Communication
The Digital Communication specialization teaches students the fundamentals of digital photography, video production and graphic design. Students take the art courses and combine them with their communication theory and methods courses to be prepared to enter the fast-growing field of multimedia production.  The specialization is perfect for students interested in pursuing careers in film production, advertising, public relations (visual production) and numerous other careers.

ART 105: Foundations I: Core Concepts
ART 111: Foundations II: Foundations IV: Digital Concepts
ART 116: Introduction to Digital Photography
ART 258: Animation and Video
ART 256: Web Design
ART 498: Advanced Animation and Video

Religious Communication
The Religious Communication specialization allows students to explore how religious belief and action motivate human behavior. The specialization is ideal for students interested in pursuing seminary or a master’s degree in counseling after completing their undergraduate degree. The courses are taught by faculty in the Religious Studies and Philosophy departments.

PHI 201: Introduction to Philosophy
RST 102: Introduction to Christian Theology
RST 314: World Religions
RST 318: Values in Video
PHI 361: Philosophy of Religion 

Learn about the career opportunities you can have with a degree Communications.

A BA degree in Communications from Siena Heights University prepares students for the following fields: 

  • Journalism
  • Public relations
  • Human resources
  • Law school
  • Graduate education in counseling or communication studies
  • Design editor
  • Translator (with a minor or second major in Spanish)
  • Publishing
  • Digital media layout
  • Copy writer
  • Campaign director/Program coordinator
  • Health educator
  • The choices are endless!

Learn more about clubs and organizations associated with the Communications program.

Spectra is Siena Heights University’s student news organization. Written, designed, edited and managed by SHU students, the organization provides service Siena’s student body while giving newspaper staff valuable opportunities to develop the skills that can be used in a wide range of professional fields, from business to journalism, from graphic design to photography. In 2016, the Spectra News Network was launched as a multimedia channel for news content. To view the online version of the magazine, visit

Eclipse is Siena Heights University’s student-run literary and arts magazine. Students write manuscripts, solicit submissions, raise funds, edit, design and publish Eclipse bi-annually. 

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