Health Care Management

Health Care Management

All of my classes have been very beneficial towards my current job. The classes were thought provoking and they apply to what I do on a daily basis. My professors are working in the health care management field and they can speak to what we are living on a daily basis. I can apply what I learned in class the very next day at work.
Laurie Osterhout
Clinical Supervisor, Promedica Bixby Hospital, Adrian, Michigan
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The Health Care Management program is designed to assist the adult learner advance their career in management in a health care related field or organization. Students will experience the challenges and opportunities of leading staff to provide quality care and service.

The minor is offered at one or more centers of the College for Professional Studies but is not available in the College of Arts and Sciences. Classes required for the Health Care Management minor may not be available on the Adrian campus. The Health Care Management minor provides health care professionals with marketable management skills.

Designed specifically for students in the B.A.S. (Bachelor of Applied Science) degree program majoring in Allied Health areas, and related fields such as Community Services and students with an interest in Health Care Management who major in Multidisciplinary Studies. The minor requires seven classes, 21 semester hours.

Course Requirements for Minor
Program Requirements 12 semester hours
HCM 301 Perspectives in Health Care Management 3
HCM 440 Medical Ethics/Legal Aspects of Health Care 3
HCM 441 Financial Management for Health Care Institutions 3
HCM 444 Strategic Planning in Healthcare Management 3

Cognate Requirements (may be transferred) 9 semester hours
MGT 302 Management Principles and Cases 3
BAM 441 Managerial Communications 3
Choose one (1) Approved Business Elective 3
BAM 311 Business Ethics
BAM 450 Women in Business
MGT 360 Human Resource Management
MGT 361 Organizational Behavior
MGT 450 Labor Relations
MGT 452 Leadership
MGT 485 Decision Making for Managers
MKT 310 Marketing Principles & Cases
PCM 340 Professional Speaking
SOC 350 Conflict Resolution

Total for Minor: 21 semester hours

Other Requirements
Grades below a 2.0 g.p.a. may not be used in the minor.
Nine (9) semester hours of minor requirements must be taken with Siena Heights University.
Assistant Professor of Healthcare Management
Online Learning
Professor of Leadership, Graduate College
Leadership: Education
248-799-5490 ext. 7230
#1. Highly experienced current or former health care professionals and executives as faculty

#2. Faculty relate their experiences from health care to students in a professional and interactive manner

#3. An emphasis on the importance of quality care and service in a competitive health care environment 

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