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The Philosophy Department is committed to teaching students how to think critically, reason carefully and act knowingly. We believe that a strong philosophical foundation is essential to a life well-lived, and crucial to a liberal arts education.

To these ends, we offer a wide variety of philosophy and liberal arts studies courses. While our focus is on the western philosophical and intellectual canons, we acknowledge and incorporate other philosophical and critical traditions, including African, Chinese, Buddhist, Indian and Latin American works.

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FAST FACT – Due to the small size of the Philosophy Department, majors receive intensive personal attention from a small-but-dedicated faculty. This learning experience culminates in the senior thesis, an independent research project that prepares the student for the expectations and rigor of graduate level study in Philosophy or related disciplines.

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Learn more about the Philosophy program.

The Philosophy major is designed to enable students to think critically and competently about all of the various issues within, and areas of, philosophy. Majors will be well-situated to go into business, politics, journalism, activism, law, medicine, seminary and/or graduate studies in a range of fields.

It is quite possible to do philosophy as a second major, and it pairs well with a number of other fields. 
Program Requirements for the Major:
PHI 110: Logic
PHI 210: Symbolic Logic
PHI 220: Introduction to Ethics OR PHI 260: Introduction to Political Philosophy
PHI 340: Ancient Philosophy OR PHI 341: Modern Philosophy
PHI 342: Medieval Philosophy OR PHI 361: Philosophy of Religion
PHI 320: Social Ethics OR PHI 362: Social and Political Philosophy
PHI 364: Philosophy of Science
PHI 365: Knowledge and Reality
PHI 495: Senior Thesis
9 hours of PHI approved electives

Cognate Requirements for the Major:
6 hours of World Languages

Courses are offered on a rotating schedule throughout the academic year. Professors regularly offer independent/directed studies to ensure that majors are able to take the classes that they need.

Meet the Philosophy faculty members.

Dunne, Thomas Aquinas

Dunne, Thomas Aquinas

Professor of Philosophy248-799-5490
Mayer, Patrick

Mayer, Patrick

Assistant Professor of Philosophy; Program Chair517-264-7623
Kling, Jennifer

Kling, Jennifer

Assistant Professor of Philosophy517-264-7681

Learn about the career opportunities you can have with a degree in Philosophy.

The most obvious choice for a career in philosophy is a Professor of Philosophy in an institution of higher education. This path will generally require an masters' degree or PhD in philosophy after the completion of the bachelor of arts degree at Siena Heights University.

However, many of our philosophy majors go on to pursue higher degrees in related disciplines, such as English, history or psychology.

Philosophy also provides an excellent preparation for students desiring to attend law school.

In short, while very few job applications will list a B.A. in philosophy as a requirement for employment, any job that requires clear thinking skills, effective oral and written communication skills, and an ability to solve problems in the absence of step-by-step instructions will be a perfect fit for a philosophy major.

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Thomas Aquinas Dunne, PhD

Professor of Philosophy


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Gabrielle Davis, '85

Philosophy Graduate; Attorney and Educator; Domestic Violence Prevention Advocate
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