Political Science

Political Science

Whether their choice is a law profession, public service or any other profession, Siena will prepare them for that.
Eric Kos, PhD
Assistant Professor of Political Science
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The minor in Political Science at Siena Heights University focuses on the promise and the performance of democracy. By connecting classroom learning with experiences in the community, such as internships, students build a fuller and clearer understanding of democracy and how it relates to governing, a universal behavior. 

Coursework has an emphasis on communication and ethics so students may confidently choose to start a new career or take their work in one of many related fields to the next level.

FAST FACT: Students who have minored in Political Science have found that it has helped them work better with people in their professions, their communities, and even in their personal lives.

Course Requirements

Program Requirements: 21 semester hours
PSC 130 American Democracy#  3
PSC 260 Comparative Politics 3
PSC 265 United States Foreign Policy 3
PSC 270 International Relations 3
PSC 380 Public Policy 3
PSC Approved Electives 12

Total for Minor: 21 semester hours

Other Requirements

A grade of "C" or better is required in all courses for the Political Science minor.
Nine (9) semester hours in political science must be taken at Siena Heights University.

#May be double counted toward Minor and Liberal Arts Requirements.

Meet the Political Science faculty members.

Associate Professor of Political Science
Law and Politics

Learn about Political Science-related internship opportunities.

Students find that a Political Science internship is a great way to connect classroom learning with the real world, to network with professionals in the field, and to strengthen their resumes.

Internships are available at every level of government, in businesses, community organizations and media.

Learn about the career opportunities you can have with a degree in Political Science.

Students with a minor in Political Science enter a wide variety of careers including:

  • Public service
  • Elective office
  • Law
  • Journalism
  • Business
  • Social work
  • Human resources
  • Management
  • Teaching
  • Public relations
  • Law enforcement
  • Policy analysis
  • Community organizing.

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