I always knew I wanted to do something for people because I couldn’t go to sleep at night not doing something good for people. That’s what I want to be known for, as someone who reached out a hand. … All this started at Siena Heights.
Gabriel Fonseca '99
Associate Director of Resident Services, The Neighborhood Developers, Chelsea, Mass.
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  • About: Gerontology
Students can minor in Gerontology at Siena Heights University. Here are a list of courses: 

Course Requirements for Minor
Program Requirements 18 semester hours

GER 240 Introduction to Gerontology 3
GER 341 Health Issues and Disorders of Aging 3
GER 342 Programs for Older Adults 3

Approved Electives 9 semester hours
CRJ 345 Special Needs Offenders in the Community
GER 480 Gerontology Internship
GER 385 Special Topics in Gerontology
PSY 360 Counseling Techniques and Practices
PSY 370 Psychology of Aging
PSY 433 Death and Dying
SOC 113 Cultural Anthropology
SOC 244 Sociological Perspectives on Race and Ethnicity
SOC 350 Conflict Resolution
SOC 341 Research in the Social Sciences
SWK 348 Human Behavior and the Social Environment I

Cognate Requirements 3 semester hours
PSY 111 Introduction to Psychology#
SOC 111 Introduction to Sociology#

Total for Minor: 21 semester hours

# May be double counted toward Minor and Liberal Arts Requirements.

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  • Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences