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History and Social Science students at Siena Heights experience a variety of classroom and extracurricular learning opportunities. Class size is typically 15-20 students, enabling students to develop effective discussion skills. Students learn from video- and web-based presentations as well as instructor lectures, classroom activities and other learning adventures.

FAST FACT: History and Social Science are research-based studies using transferable skills for living and working and building the future. To complete either a History or Social Science major, students present a senior research project demonstrating both research and content proficiency.

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The study of History and the Social Sciences is the study of people and ideas, of events shaped by them and shaping them, and of concurrent conflicts and movements. These two majors are interchangeable, with History using tools from the Social Sciences to examine and interpret the meaning and significance of events, ideas, and movements, and Social Sciences using Historical Cases for political, economic, or geographic analysis in Political Science, Economics, or Geography courses.

The study of History and the Social Sciences is also a way of learning how to see issues from different points of view, how to evaluate situations and solve problems from the past and in the present. History is both stories and their analysis to better explain our past and present. Social Studies Education students choose classes from both History and the Social Sciences along with classes from the Education program.

Frost, Julieanna

Frost, Julieanna

Associate Professor of History517-264-7642
LaFray, Elizabeth

LaFray, Elizabeth

Assistant Professor of History517-264-7677
#1. An interdisciplinary approach to the study of history, social studies and social science

#2. Diachronic and thematic teaching approaches by professors with a wide breadth of knowledge

#3. Faculty mentors who work closely with students to reach their career goals

Learn about the career opportunities available with a degree in History, Social Science or Social Studies Education.

History and the Social Sciences are general degrees emphasizing transferable skills as well as specific curriculum content. The student with a major or minor in History or the Social Sciences is prepared for a broad array of career options as well as having the transitioning skills necessary for success in our rapidly changing 21st century world.

Typical careers chosen by History and Social Science graduates include:

  • Archaeologist
  • Civil Service (including National Park Service)
  • Foreign Service
  • Journalist
  • Librarian
  • Political Leader
  • Public Historian (museums, historical theme parks, local history projects)
  • Teacher

Learn about clubs and organizations related to History, Social Science and Social Studies Education.

Mu Lambda is the History/Social Science/Social Studies Education local Honor Society which recognizes both academic accomplishment and significant involvement in a wide range of community endeavors. Students who meet honors criteria can be nominated to pledge membership status upon completion of 24 semester hours of SHU coursework. Full membership status is reserved for graduating seniors who meet the criteria.

The Teacher Education Association for Community Help (T.E.A.C.H.) is an organization dedicated to reach out and help learners of the community who are in need, by providing supplies, support, and resources to enhance one’s education.


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