What is “Articulation”?

Articulation is an agreement between two or more institutions to transfer courses.  Through this agreement, the institutions officially agree to transfer all of a specified program (certificate, diploma, or degree).  This usually occurs between a two-year college/technical school and four-year college or university.  Some agreements may indicate a cooperative program between institutions that result in a degree program.

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How do I transfer coursework from another institution to SHU?

Simple – request that an OFFICIAL transcript be sent to Siena Heights University.

Newly Admitted Students and Applicants:
Office of Undergraduate Admissions, Siena Heights University, 1247 E. Siena Hts. Dr., Adrian, MI  49221

Current Students:
Office of the Registrar, Siena Heights University, 1247 E. Siena Hts. Dr., Adrian, MI  49221

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I want to transfer to SHU.  What is the admissions process?

University transfer admissions vary from school to school. For SHU, transfer students are those who have completed one semester of coursework from another accredited institution. SHU has a "rolling admissions" policy, meaning that qualified students are accepted as they complete the formal application process. Students apply by submitting the application form, an official high school transcript, all official transcripts from institutions previously attended, and all other supporting data.  All the information you need to know about admissions, orientation, enrollment, degree options and more is available in the admissions area, including our online application. 

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How do I know which courses will transfer?

Transfer credit is evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Credits are granted for classes in which a grade of C (2.0) or better was earned and can transfer a few different ways. Some courses have a direct equivalent and will transfer as a specific course. Other courses transfer but do not have an exact equivalent. Courses that do not have a exact equivalent sometimes transfer as elective credit. You will receive a transfer credit evaluation outlining the credits awarded from the applicable institutions and which transferred courses will apply towards General Education requirements. We'll accept a D grade ONLY if it is part of coursework within an associate's degree from another institution that granted the associate's. Once you have registered for classes, your coursework from other institutions will be posted to your SHU transcriptThe Transfer Equivalency Guide provides information about how to transfer to SHU. If you have specific questions about the transferability of a course, call (517) 264-7180.

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When will my transfer credits be posted to my SHU transcript?

Transfer credit will be posted to the official Siena Heights University transcript ONLY after the individual has registered for courses.

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What is the maximum number of hours I can transfer?

There is no limit on the number of semester hours that can be transferred to SHU.  Coursework with a C (2.0 or better) earned from an accredited institution will transfer for earned hours at SHU. 


  • Baccalaureate degree requirements include a residency requirement of 30 semester hours at SHU. This means a maximum of 90 hours of transfer credit (for a total of 120 semester hours) can be applied toward degree requirements at SHU (NOTE: This does not mean that only 90 hours will transfer for credit.).  Associate degree requirements include a residency requirement of 18 semester hours at SHU, where a maximum of 42 hours of transfer credit (for a total of 60 semester hours) can be applied toward degree requirements at SHU. For more information, please refer to Admissions.

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How do courses transfer based on a quarter hour system?

Siena Heights University awards a standard .67 per credit-hour of study for a coursewith a 10-week duration minimum at institutions on the quarter system.  For example, a 3-credit course on a quarter hour system will merit 2 credits here.  

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I am an international student. How does international credit transfer?

International students should complete an individual request form from the Foreign Education Credential Service page at This form with the OFFICIAL transcript should be submitted with the application to AACRAO. The student will receive ONE copy of the completed evaluation, which should be mailed directly to SHU.  Please refer to the Foreign Education Credential Service Requests on the Registrar's home page for detailed information.

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Does SHU award credit for my military experience?

SHU will award credit hours for military educational experience. The following documentation is required before applicable credit can be determined:

  • A copy of your DD214

  • Official Military Transcripts from Air Force, Army, Marines, or Navy

  • Any certificates or documentation describing the course content or objectives

  • A VA form (obtainable from the Office of the Registrar) to activate Education Benefits

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Does SHU award credit for CLEP Examinations?

SHU awards credit for successful completion of CLEP: 6 semester hours are awarded for each CLEP General Examination and 3-12 semester hours credit for each CLEP subject matter examination passed at a scaled score of 50 or higher.  Students will not receive credit for subjects for which they have already received college/university credit or for which they are in the process of earning college/university credit.  For further information, please refer to the Undergraduate Catalog.

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Does SHU award credit for Prior Learning?

Prior to beginning a formal education at Siena Heights University, students may have had significant learning experiences through work, non-University courses or training, community service, or other accomplishments.

These learning experiences may be worth academic credit if:

(1) the learning is university-level

(2) the experience can be documented by a third party

(3) the student can present documentation which gives the evidence of the learning experience and thereby persuades the university of its value. Academic credit is awarded for university-level learning, not for the experience itself. The Director of Transfer Services or Site Directors will provide assistance with guidelines and procedures for developing the petition. The final petition is evaluated by university faculty.

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Are scholarships available for transfer students?

Yes, students who enroll full time (12 or more semester hours) on the Adrian campus are eligible for several different scholarships. Please visit our scholarship page for more information.

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