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Honorary Doctorate Nomination Form

The Honors and Awards Committee is a subcommittee of the Academic Affairs Committee. It consists of at least three members of the Academic Affairs Committee. Its charge is to:

• Invite nominations for honorary degrees and other awards from members of the Siena Heights community.
• Review the supporting documentation, background materials and rationale submitted by the community.
• Submit a list recommending certain individuals for honorary degrees and other awards to the Academic Affairs Committee of the Board.

The deadline for nominations are set approximately six weeks before Siena Heights University Board meetings to allow the subcommittee time to review the nominations and make its recommendations to the Academic Affairs Committee.

Please read the nomination form info below:


With these awards, the University seeks to identify and honor those individuals whose lives, scholarship and/or professional accomplishments would bring honor to the University and whose achievements are generally recognized as outstanding and/or extraordinary. It should be pointed out, however, that the individual does not need to be a graduate of Siena Heights University nor someone who has devoted his or her life to academic pursuits. Rather, the overriding criteria is one of excellence and achievements. 


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