The "Worker Friendly" Degree

Siena Heights Offers Totally Online Bachelor of Business Administration Degree

Siena Heights University has a “worker friendly” solution for business professionals with a goal of completing a four-year degree.


The new totally online Bachelor of Business Administration degree is available to businesspeople with at least three years of professional business or management experience and who fit other program criteria. Classes are beginning as early as January 2008.


SHU Director of Distance Learning Programs Lori Timmis said the program is ideally tailored to students who have completed two to three years of college study in a business-related field who have shown solid prior academic performance, both in traditional and online settings.


“Typically those students who have completed an applied associate’s degree in business, management or a related field do not have a lot of options transitioning into a traditional BBA program,” Timmis said. “This program has the ability to go and reach out to those students.”


The three-year business experience recommendation is meant to attract serious business professionals.


“That’s a very broad way of saying it,” Timmis said. “Ideally we want students who have a management or leadership background, and, in general, have some experience in a business setting.”


Other characteristics of students who would be a good fit for the online BBA program are those who have completed 75-90 hours of college credit, have proven writing skills, show strong additional study in business concentrations, are advancing in their work setting and are comfortable with the totally online delivery mode.


Utilizing faculty with real-world business experience, Siena Heights provides accelerated courses that prepare students for today’s business environment. Siena’s program includes real business cases, audio lectures, video clips about real companies, team exercises and online collaboration. Students also develop marketing, finance, business start-up and strategic planning solutions.


Timmis said Siena Heights’ proven record of online delivery separates it from other programs. Students enrolled in the online BBA program can take classes on their schedule. Another “worker friendly” element of the online BBA is the ability to remain on the career advancement path without leaving the workplace to attend classes.


“This program keeps options open for students,” Timmis said. “When we were looking to add more online programs, this one just made sense.”


For more information about the totally online BBA program, or any of SHU’s other online programs, please contact Lori Timmis at 517-264-7195 or email her at

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