Deerfield Public Schools Partners with SHU

Siena Heights University to Guarantee a Minimum $5,000 in Financial Aid to Qualified Deerfield High School Graduates

Siena Heights University will guarantee a minimum of $5,000 in financial aid to qualified Deerfield High School graduates who meet regular admissions criteria after a recent partnership agreement was signed. A total of $400,000 in financial aid is promised to Deerfield students over the life of the agreement.


“We have had a long relationship with students from Deerfield Public Schools, and this agreement formalizes that relationship,” said SHU President Sister Peg Albert, OP, PhD. “With the financial aid this partnership promises, along with the tuition freeze we recently announced, we hope Deerfield students will look at Siena Heights as an affordable higher education option.”


“We are very excited about our partnership with Siena Heights,” said Deerfield Superintendent Larry Shilling. “This agreement will be a great opportunity for our students in meeting the cost of a college education and will enable them to attend a quality university such as Siena  Heights. We are also very excited about the possibility of our staff working with and receiving training through the university in order to better meet the needs of all of our students at Deerfield. I think this partnership will be good for all of our students, not just those going on to college.”


Under the partnership that runs until Sept. 1, 2012, Deerfield students who attend Siena Heights on a full-time basis following their high school graduation are eligible for several designated scholarships, including three Trustee Scholarships ($10,000 per student per academic year), four Presidential Scholarships ($8,500) and five Dean’s Scholarships ($6,000) for qualified students attending directly from Deerfield Public Schools. For students who do not qualify for an above listed merit scholarships, a guaranteed minimum amount of $5,000 in Siena Heights University institutional financial aid for any qualified (regular admission criteria) DHS graduate. The amount is inclusive of athletic grants.


“We have historically had a great working relationship with the faculty and staff at Deerfield,” said SHU Vice President of Enrollment Management Frank Hribar. “The counseling staff has always been excellent. This agreement serves to formally recognize what has previously existed.”


In addition, three one-year scholarships of $2,000 will be awarded to students (above the $5,000 general commitment) in the areas of special education, mathematics/science/environmental science, teacher certification and health care professions to students who qualify for regular admission to the University and do not receive a merit scholarship listed above. Siena Heights will make a yearly financial commitment of $94,000 for each entering class.


“Deerfield’s motto is, ‘Big enough to serve, small enough to care.’ and our two organizations align well in that regard,” Hribar said. “Siena is a logical extension for Deerfield students.”


There will also be professional development opportunities for DHS faculty and staff, such as on-site continuing educational courses, workshops and presentations covering a wide variety of academic and other educational interests. Special admission consideration will also be made for qualified Deerfield High School students who are part of a dual enrollment program. Siena Heights will also offer priority response for DHS students in regard to admissions decisions, residence hall accommodations, financial aid and other student support services.


For more information about the partnership or about any other scholarship opportunities at Siena Heights University, please call 1-800-521-0009 or 517-264-7180.

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