Science Policy and Procedures

1. Students applying to the nursing program must complete approximately 16 hours of required science core courses. These core courses including the following courses or course equivalents:
BIO 121 Anatomy and Physiology I; BIO 122 Anatomy and Physiology II; CHE 110 Introduction to General, Organic, and BioChemistry;
and BIO 245 Bacteriology
Science core GPA must be a 3.0 average to apply to the nursing program.
A grade of C or higher in the science core courses is required for application to the nursing program; a student may have no more
than 2 C’s in their required science core courses in order to apply to the nursing program.
One required science core course may be repeated for a higher grade – either at Siena Heights or elsewhere. A science core repeat
may impact the overall score of the nursing application and progression in the nursing application process. 

2. The faculty reserves the right to select applicants based on academic qualifications. The number of applicants selected each year is based on state regulations and the student-to-faculty ratio in the clinical setting. If the number of applicants exceeds the number of available seats in the program, applicants will be placed on a waiting list for that year only. Applicants are welcome to submit a new application the following year. 

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