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The Communications Program is an interdisciplinary program of study that approaches the study of human communications and expression through various lenses.

It transcends both the humanities and social sciences emphasizing the scientific approach to the study of communication as well as the more artistic and expressive forms of culture. Throughout the coursework, students become versed in the role of communications in power negotiations and identity formation by examining society, culture, politics, technology, and media in various local, national and global contexts.

This program sets students up for success in a variety of different occupations, as students cater their degree plan towards their interests in fields such as business, marketing, broadcasting, journalism, media, non-profit work or continued graduate-level studies in various disciplines.

The major offers students specializations in:
• Business communication
• Professional writing
• Digital communication
• Religious communication

Each specialization prepares students to enter a variety of careers from public relations and human resources, journalism, graduate school, law school, advertising or a variety of new media positions.

The required internship requirement allows each student to gain professional job experience and direction regarding career choices prior to graduation. The program’s capstone project is a research study based on the student’s area of specialization that is completed at in his/her junior/senior year with the help of the communications faculty. 

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Arthur Gwoszdz

Digital Communications and Computer Information Systems major; Student Government President; Brazil

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Gail A. Ryder

Associate Professor of Humanities


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Andrew Staton '03

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