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The study of History and the Social Sciences is the study of people and ideas, of events shaped by them and shaping them, and of concurrent conflicts and movements. These two majors are interchangeable, with History using tools from the Social Sciences to examine and interpret the meaning and significance of events, ideas, and movements, and Social Sciences using Historical Cases for political, economic, or geographic analysis in Political Science, Economics, or Geography courses.

The Social Studies Education program is designed to parallel Social Science and History with special emphasis on teaching techniques needed by candidates for Education Certification at the elementary and secondary levels.

The study of History and the Social Sciences is also a way of learning how to see issues from different points of view, how to evaluate situations and solve problems from the past and in the present. History is both stories and their analysis to better explain our past and present. Social Studies Education students choose classes from both History and the Social Sciences along with classes from the Education program.

Coursework in History and the Social Sciences has settings defined by era (like present-day U.S. in the world), or by world regions (like Mideast, Europe, Southeast Asia), or by topic (like U.S. minorities, intellectual, economic). Some students choose to earn cooperative credit through supervised internships, museum work, student teaching and other pertinent experiences.

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