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Get more information about the Biology program at Siena Heights University.

Are you considering a career in biology, medicine, veterinary science, dentistry, teaching, chemistry, forensics, or any other area of science? If the answer is yes, then the Biology department at Siena Heights University can support you on your learning journey!

In the Biology department, we embrace the spirit of study and community — two of the Dominican pillars of life. Our majors are supported by a vibrant learning community that combines the wholeness of a liberal arts education with a strong scientific foundation.

At Siena, you are part of an extended family that meets regularly inside and outside of the classroom. In addition to hands-on collaborative learning in our $1.9 million renovated Science Building, students also gather regularly for field trips, special lectures, community projects, or simply to study together.

In the Science department, you will be supported not only by your fellow classmates, but also by your professors, who will be your mentors, colleagues, advisors and caring guides on your journey to academic fulfillment.

Where your educational journey leads you depends in part on where you start. In the Biology department, our approach to education, which combines a supportive community learning environment with a broad spectrum of challenging courses, in-depth lab and field experiences, and intensive research projects, has successfully prepared our graduates for their future careers.

In fact, Siena biology graduates have a 95 percent acceptance rate into medical and veterinary schools and graduate schools! Our graduates are successful teachers, physicians, chemists, nurses, veterinarians, forensic scientists, and researchers. They are employed in all areas of the workforce from the corporate sector (Johnson and Johnson, Wacker Silicones) to the non-profit sector (University of Michigan, Illinois College of Optometry) to the government (USDA, Michigan DNR).

Whether you are interested in our traditional four-year path or are transferring from another school, you are invited to visit the Science department at Siena Heights University and to experience how our learning community can assist you on your educational journey.

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Gilius Blinstrubas

Business major, Entrepreneur, Adrian Campus

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Gail A. Ryder

Associate Professor of Humanities


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Tod Marshall, '90

English and Philosophy Graduate; 2016 Poet Laureate, State of Washington; English Faculty Member, Gonzaga University
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