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Psychology program seeks to develop caring, analytical, and ethical individuals with a solid knowledge of the numerous and dynamic forces influencing human behavior.

To accomplish this goal, students in psychology acquire a sound theoretical knowledge of the various aspects of human behavior, such as personality, social development, physical development, and abnormal behavior. The theoretical knowledge provides a foundation for the development of the students’ research projects which are completed their senior year. The internships provide the students with an opportunity to apply this knowledge in community settings outside of the classroom.

The Psychology program fully conforms with the guidelines established by the American Psychological Association for undergraduate education in psychology. These guidelines provide the means to assess our curriculum and insure that our course offerings are current and serve the needs of today’s students.

The knowledge and ability acquired in the classroom and through the internship, prepares students for employment or admission into graduate school. Many of our students continue on to complete advanced degrees in psychology. Our graduates report that the knowledge obtained from each of the program’s components were critical in securing employment and/or gaining admission into graduate school.

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Arthur Gwoszdz

Digital Communications and Computer Information Systems major; Student Government President; Brazil

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Gail A. Ryder

Associate Professor of Humanities


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Andy Switzer '13

Social Studies Education Graduate; Middle School Social Studies Teacher, Pettisville (Ohio) Local Schools