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For the serious math student, we offer a choice of degrees to set them on their way to careers in mathematics, industry, and teaching.

For the STEM students, we provide all of their math courses is small courses focused on the background material for chemistry, physics, biology and engineering.

And, for the liberal arts students, we offer a selection of topical courses to provide reasoning and computational skills in a setting that matches whatever their interests happen to be. We are a part of every student's degree at SHU, and like to think that we do our best to make our program inclusive to all of our students.

Math classes for majors are small, allowing our professors to provide all of the individual attention that our students might require. Plentiful office hours, student-centered faculty, large study areas with fully-equipped computers, and state-of-the-art Smart classrooms make learning personal, interesting, and interactive. We can get you started at whatever level suits your background, and take you on your journey right through to the degree of your choice.

Regardless of your specialty, the program will serve your needs. Students planning to be math teachers will be prepared in accordance with Michigan certification standards. Those planning to attend graduate school will receive a thorough and wide-ranging undergraduate experience.

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