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The Chemistry program at Siena Heights University provides a solid grounding in all the areas of modern chemistry. Our graduates have either successfully entered the work force, or have gone on to attend graduate and professional schools.

Chemistry is often referred to as the "Central Science" because chemical behavior plays a vital role in every aspect of daily life. Students majoring in chemistry at Siena Heights University receive training in all areas of chemistry and in their senior year they perform an independent research project. 

Our emphasis is on producing chemistry graduates that have a firm grasp of the basic principles of chemical science and who are ready for a wide variety of possible career paths. 

Recent senior projects have included:

• A theoretical study of compound stabilities
• Design and testing of solvent resistant polymers
• Isolation and assay of an enzyme from beef liver
• The study of the relationship between molecular structure and reactivity
• Catalysis of the hydroxamate hydrolysis reaction
• Computational study of protein-ligand binding
• Synthesis of the plant metabolite camalexin

These activities emphasize not only the abilities necessary to carry out meaningful research, but also stress the importance of having good communications skills.

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