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The Philosophy major is designed to enable students to think critically and competently about all of the various issues within, and areas of, philosophy. Majors will be well-situated to go into business, politics, journalism, activism, law, medicine, seminary and/or graduate studies in a range of fields.

It is quite possible to do philosophy as a second major, and it pairs well with a number of other fields. 
Program Requirements for the Major:
PHI 110: Logic
PHI 210: Symbolic Logic
PHI 220: Introduction to Ethics OR PHI 260: Introduction to Political Philosophy
PHI 340: Ancient Philosophy OR PHI 341: Modern Philosophy
PHI 342: Medieval Philosophy OR PHI 361: Philosophy of Religion
PHI 320: Social Ethics OR PHI 362: Social and Political Philosophy
PHI 364: Philosophy of Science
PHI 365: Knowledge and Reality
PHI 495: Senior Thesis
9 hours of PHI approved electives

Cognate Requirements for the Major:
6 hours of World Languages

Courses are offered on a rotating schedule throughout the academic year. Professors regularly offer independent/directed studies to ensure that majors are able to take the classes that they need.

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Alyssa Fausneaucht

Sport Management Major, Women's Golf; Adrian Campus

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Gail A. Ryder

Associate Professor of Humanities


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Gabrielle Davis, '85

Philosophy Graduate; Attorney and Educator; Domestic Violence Prevention Advocate
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