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Siena Heights Nursing offers students an opportunity for small class sizes that allow for true faculty/student collaboration.

Courses are offered through SHU Nursing that are not typically offered in other nursing programs, like "Gerontology & End-of-Life Care" and "Ethical, Cultural, Spiritual Nursing," which provide students unique learning opportunities available only through Siena.

Likewise, Siena’s eight faculty teach specialty courses where they have uniquely been trained and practiced in the clinical environment, including pediatrics, critical care and community health. 

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Nursing (Pre-Licensure)

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Meet Siena


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Arthur Gwoszdz

Digital Communications and Computer Information Systems major; Student Government President; Brazil

Faculty & Staff

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Gail A. Ryder

Associate Professor of Humanities


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Kevin Rose '09

Business Administration Graduate; 3+1 Program; Jackson Center