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The Professional Communication major at Siena Heights University offers students a broad area of study that is relevant for virtually any career field.

Many colleges offer a bachelor’s degree in communications, but PCM goes above and beyond the traditional communications degree to prepare students not only for effective verbal and written communication, but also for the technological proficiency and research skills required in today’s workplace. PCM integrates Siena Heights’ Dominican traditions and mission of a competent, purposeful and ethical learning environment that prepares each individual to embody these values well beyond graduation. 

The program meets the needs of people who are interested in or who have prior learning/work experience in a communications-related field. These areas can include: advertising, journalism, graphic arts, marketing, multimedia, film, web design and radio/TV broadcasting.

In addition, there is a Professional Communication degree elective requirement that enables students to focus their major on their goals and interests.

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Professional Communication

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Arthur Gwoszdz

Digital Communications and Computer Information Systems major; Student Government President; Brazil

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Gail A. Ryder

Associate Professor of Humanities


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Katie Guilbault Decker '89

Elementary Education Graduate; National Award-Winning Principal