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Students in the Graduate Teacher Education Program at Siena Heights University are individuals who have accepted the concept of teaching as a continuous process of learning and are prepared to commit their energies to support this belief. Our program is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools, and has candidate member status with the Teacher Education Accreditation Council, from which we are seeking to add national accreditation by the year 2013.

True to its mission of putting theory into practice, the Graduate Teacher Education Program requires students to critically examine their current teaching-learning situation, skills, and attitudes, and to identify strategies for their further improvement.  Such strategies may derive from published research, individual action research in the classroom, and/or interaction, observation, and dialogue with other professional educators.

The goals of the program are to encourage self-directed professional development among educators, to provide opportunities for educators to explore the research-base about the qualities associated with excellence in teaching, to enhance reflective processes for self-assessment and continuous improvement, and to encourage the educator to become a more active participant and leader in the profession. The SHU Teacher Education Program Learning Outcomes, updated in 2009, form a framework for the program’s goals and practices. 

We offer a variety of 21- to 44-credit-hour programs that can lead to additional endorsements on an existing Michigan teaching certificate with completion of the appropriate
MTTC subject-area tests, and to a master of arts or specialist of arts degree.  Most students take six credits per semester (fall, winter and summer) and finish their M.A. in about two years. Some courses are available in a convenient “hybrid” or “blended” half-online format.

The “capstone” project for the M.A. program involves completion of an original-research thesis or a non-thesis-project focused on solving an issue the student faces in his/her classroom or professional life, using existing research. The Graduate Teacher Education Program also requires students to integrate their learning throughout the program and to reflect on their learning in the practice of teaching. An electronic professional reflective portfolio is required for graduation from the M.A. program.

We also assist with Michigan Teacher Certificate renewals (9 credit hours) and upgrades (18 credit hours plus 3 years teaching experience), and offer the remedial reading course (TED635) now required for upgrade to a Michigan professional teaching certificate.  We also offer Continuing Education credits through partnerships with the intermediate school districts of
Hillsdale, Jackson, Lenawee and Monroe Counties

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