Capstone Experience

Learn about the Capstone Experience for the Leadership degree

The capstone experience for the Master of Arts in Leadership program is for students to create an electronic graduate portfolio.

Electronic Graduate Portfolio

The electronic portfolio contains artifacts demonstrating the student’s professional competencies, and is based on the graduate required learning outcomes. Such a portfolio is required of students in order to graduate from any of our M.A. programs. Leadership students usually begin to assemble their portfolio during the LDR 601 Leadership course. Students are required to have the following documents in their graduate portfolio:

  1. Table of contents
  2. Current Professional Resume
  3. Transcripts
  4. Training certificates
  5. Specialized awards or certificates
  6. List of Competencies
  7. Three Competency documents developed during the “first year of study”
  8. Relevant projects from LDR courses such as final projects, research papers, presentations
  9. Prior learning credit awards if applicable

Final Project or Thesis

Only those Leadership students seeking to earn the GRS 694 Thesis/Project seminar credits (3) are required to complete a research thesis or a research-based non- thesis project in order to graduate. Students are expected to identify an area of their professional work that could benefit from quantitative and/or qualitative research, and to investigate and propose possible solutions for existing problems they face. This work is begun in GRS602 Introduction to Research or GRS605 Methodology of Research and completed in GRS694 Thesis/Project Seminar, usually toward the end of the program. Their completed work is stored in the University Library and is made available to other SHU students and faculty as appropriate. Non-thesis track Leadership students are not required to complete GRS 694 Thesis/Project Seminar as an elective course.

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