Career Services

It’s never too early to start thinking about what you are going to do after graduation. In fact, once that decision is made, it may help put you on the right academic path to achieve that goal. The primary mission of the Career Services Office is to provide students assistance with identifying a career, developing a professional plan, evaluating and implementing career choices and creating a professional image. Career Services will assist students with engaging in self-assessment; obtaining occupational information; exploring employment, graduate and professional school opportunities; and professional preparation including presenting themselves effectively as candidates. Career Services is committed to providing personal attention to students needing assistance in all aspects of their career path.

For more information, links, and other career resources, please visit Career Services.

Meet Siena


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Lucia Alfaro

Chemistry major, track and cross country, Adrian Campus

Faculty & Staff

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Gail A. Ryder

Associate Professor of Humanities


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Romie Jeffrey Pinkett '07MA

School Counseling & Community Counseling Graduate, Metro Detroit Program