A Degree for Dental Hygienists That Works

Dental Hygienists from Across the U.S. Can Achieve Their Bachelor of Applied Science (BAS) Degree

The BAS Degree is a career-oriented degree designed for Dental Hygienists who have completed an Associate of Applied Science degree in Dental Hygiene (or related title). The major from the associate degree transfers and serves as the major with the Bachelor of Applied Science degree - a unique feature of the BAS degree. No additional Dental Hygiene courses are required to fulfill degree requirements.  

Siena Heights University's regionally-accredited Distance Learning Program provides upper-division coursework in such areas as liberal arts education, management and organizational theory, social science, health care management, etc.

Courses are offered in completely-online eight-week sessions - allowing a student to complete two courses per semester (or more, depending on the student's schedule).

SHU offers transfer-friendly policies, including acceptance of up to 90 semester hours in transfer credit.

For detailed program information and to start the process of evaluating your transfer credit, please call 866-937-2748 or email online@sienaheights.edu.

Visit the Important Documents section on this site to download an e-packet that highlights the Distance Learning Program!


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