Susan Matych-Hager Chosen for Art Exhibit

“Metamorphosis: The Life Cycle of a Glass Bead” Opens May 5


Siena Heights University’s Susan Matych-Hager was one of 42 glass artists selected to have her work displayed for the upcoming exhibit Metamorphosis: The Life Cycle of a Glass Bead, scheduled to open later this spring.sue-matych-hager2.jpg


Matych-Hager, an accomplished glass bead and jewelry maker, will have a necklace and beads on display at the international juried exhibit beginning May 5 at the Heinz History Center in Pittsburgh, Pa. This exhibit will highlight the life cycle of a glass bead through the display of a single glass bead and its incorporation into a complete piece of jewelry.

“I am so excited about this as it is my first juried show. Many of the artists who were selected are of enormous stature in the international bead making community,” said Matych-Hager, an associate professor of music at Siena Heights. “The piece that was selected is called Circus Poster Series.


Sponsored by the International Society of Glass Beadmakers, the professional organization for glass beadmakers, the exhibit runs from May 5-July 14 in Pittsburgh and from July 26-Sept. 8 at the Evoke Gallery in St. Paul, Minn. Matych-Hager said the actual piece and beads will be sent to exhibit organizers by April 6 and will be on display until Sept. 6.


The first gallery is a featured component for the annual Glass Artist’s Society Convention, and the second will be featured as part of the ISGB, of which Matych-Hager is a member.


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