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The Bachelor of Arts degree in Digital Communications prepares students for the emerging interdisciplinary digital communications fields by providing them with knowledge and skills necessary to design creative digital media projects in a variety of academic and professional fields. Students will develop design and digital media skills through Studio Angelico – home to a community of highly talented visual arts professors. These studio skills will be combined with a knowledge of communication theory through SHU’s Communications Program. Finally, content for their digital projects will come through a required minor (or second major) selected from a wide range of academic and professional programs the University offers. The goal is to equip creative, enterprising students to discover new approaches to communication in a digital age.

The curriculum will allow students to develop practical skills for creating and packaging content in digital formats. Courses such as web design and advanced animation and video will provide a stepping stone into time-based and interactive electronic media, permitting further exploration of form while providing practical skills in digital tools. In a studio setting students will create digital media forms, use a variety of traditional and cutting-edge tools used by both producers and consumers of digital media, and understand the history, theory and criticism of media and communication.

Students in the major will have access to properly equipped studios, labs and library collections, and will receive guidance, instruction, mentoring and critique by highly qualified instructors. The Macintosh Studio includes the latest equipment and software.

The Digital Communications Program offers:

  • employment opportunities for flexible, creative students with digital media skills
  • an increasing number of students who wish to learn and use digital tools in traditional areas of study

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Gilius Blinstrubas

Business major, Entrepreneur, Adrian Campus

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Gail A. Ryder

Associate Professor of Humanities


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Lacey Wilmot Rao '02

Biology Graduate; Orthopedic Surgeon