Degree Requirements: 60 semester hours

Course ID Description Credit Hours
CMH602 Research and Professional Writing in Counseling 3
CMH620 Foundations of Clinical Mental Health Counseling 3
CMH623 Psychology Over the Lifespan 3
CMH626 Relationship-building Skills in Counseling 3
CMH629 Counseling Theories and Procedures 3
CMH632 Ethics and Legal Issues in Counseling 3
CMH635 Group Procedures in Counseling 3
CMH638 Counseling Diverse Populations 3
CMH641 Career Development 3
CMH644 Analysis and Appraisal 3
CMH647 Psychopathology and Resilience 3
CMH651 Diagnosis for Counselors 2
CMH652 Psychopharmacology for Counselors 2
CMH653 Prevention and Intervention with Adults 3
CMH656 Prevention and Intervention with Children 3
CMH659 Neuroscience, Hope, and the Spirit 3
CMH665 Consulting Theory and Practice 3

Counseling Field Experiences
CMH680 Counseling Field Practicum 3
CMH683 Counseling Internship 1 (Case Conceptualization) 3
CMH684 Counseling Internship 2 (NCE Preparation/Portfolio) 3
CMH685 Internship Extender Seminar (if needed) 1

Counseling Electives (students may take 2 hours)
CMH670 Addictions Counseling 2
CMH676 Group Leadership Laboratory 2
CMH677 Crisis and Trauma Counseling 2
CMH678 Sexuality Counseling 2
CMH698 Special Topics: Global Setting 3
CMH699 Special Topics 3
GRS598 Foundations of Professional Writing and Research 3

58 required credits + 2 elective credits = 60 credit-hours for CMHC degree
All courses require a grade of “B-“ or better to continue in program

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Lucia Alfaro

Chemistry major, track and cross country, Adrian Campus

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Gail A. Ryder

Associate Professor of Humanities


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Erika Wolcott Henry '07

Biology Graduate; Clinic Director at The Joint Sandy Springs, Atlanta, Ga.