Learning Outcomes

Overall Learning Outcomes

1.   Demonstrate an understanding of fundamental political processes, institutions, actors, behavior, and ideas in the United States; and familiarity with major theories, methods, and concepts in Political Science.

2.   Demonstrate an understanding of how other countries might differ from the United States in political systems and why.

3.   Demonstrate proficiency in thinking systematically about political interactions in national, global, and international contexts.

4.   Develop and demonstrate an understanding of both the power of law and the limits of law to alter social and political arrangements.

5.   Demonstrate proficiency in thinking systematically about the ethical dimensions of politics and law.

6.   Demonstrate ability to write effectively, engage in intellectually grounded debate, and form, express, and critically evaluate different arguments.

7.   Assess original and secondary sources of argumentation and evidence, apply scholarly findings to new situations, and express those findings in writing and in independent research.

8.   Gain intellectual and social skills for graduate work and employment.

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Lucia Alfaro

Chemistry major, track and cross country, Adrian Campus

Faculty & Staff

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Gail A. Ryder

Associate Professor of Humanities


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Barbara Schmidtman '11

Nuclear Medicine Technologies Graduate; LMC Campus