Book Signing April 10 at SHU

"A Circle of Stones: Teaching for Teens on Anishinaabe Culture" Authored by Robert Hejna
A Circle of Stones:
Teaching for Teens on Anishinaabe Culture
(Native Americans of the Great Lakes Region)            
Book Reading and Signing by author
Robert J. Hejna
When: Tuesday, April 10th, 4 p.m.
Where: Room 116 Dominican Hall 
Description: The title, "A Circle of Stones," was given in honor of the Circle of Life, and all Councils, in which people from different views come together to find ways to coexist in as harmonious ways as possible…the chapters are labeled “stones” to symbolize the way elders in traditional times taught the children about the Circle of Life by placing a circle of stones on the ground.
Each stone then was a door which opened a world of knowledge. Robert Hejna has a background in Psychology and Social Work and works with special needs students in Michigan’s public schools. He has been a student of Native American philosophy and culture for the past 17 years. Questions explored in this book include:
  • Who is Anishnaubek?                      
  • What Does Anishinaubek Know About Life?
  • Where is Anishinaubeck From?           
  • What Kinds of Ceremony did Anishinaubek Have?
  • What makes the Asnishinaabe Way?           
  • How did Anishinaubek Maintain Good Health?
  • How was Anishinaabe Culture Organized?
  • How is Anishisinaabe Culture Today?
Sponsored by...
  • Barnes & Noble Books - SHU
  • Social Work Program – SHU
  • Native American Student Association - SHU
  • Len Nah Weh Native American Organization
  • Adrian Dominican Sisters – Campus Ecology Committee
  • Boys & Girls Club of Lenawee
All are welcome.
For more information: 264-7855

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