Siena Heights University’s PrepareAthon! For Tornado Safety: Be Smart. Take Part. Prepare.
Friday, April 04, 2014 by Peter Ossmann

On Monday, April 14th Siena Heights University will participate in America’s PrepareAthon!, a nationwide, community-based campaign to increase emergency preparedness.

At  11:00 a.m. the Department of Public Safety will send the following test SHUAlert message:

Subject: TEST SHUAlert 4-14 PrepareAthon!

Dominican Hall ONLY seek shelter now Tornado Drill. All others review your plan. Be Smart. Take Part. Prepare.

The Department of Public Safety would like your help!  On April 14th when you receive the test SHUAlert message we encourage you to take a moment to speak with others including friends/students/colleagues about preparedness. 

Some topics to discuss include:

  • Encourage others to sign up for SHUAlert – text the word Adrian to 79516
  •  Identify the best available shelter for severe weather at your location [Adrian Campus shelter locations are noted on maps near each exit]
  • Review key points from How to Prepare for a Tornado such as the difference between a Tornado Watch and Warning on page 9.
  • Ensure Wireless Emergency Alerts are enabled on your mobile phone or download a weather app such as Tornado by the American Red Cross [see Be Smart. Know your Alerts and Warnings]
  • Review key points from Be Smart. Protect your Critical Documents and Valuables such as backing up critical documents on a password protected flash drive stored in a fire/water proof lock box.

Thank you for your support & together we can build a disaster resilient community!