Arts Scholarship Days 2013-14
Thursday, November 07, 2013 by Doug

High school juniors, seniors or transfer students who would like to major in music or perform in the choir, band, marching band, orchestra, or jazz band can schedule a music audition and campus visit during our Arts Scholarships Days @ Siena. Scholarships will be awarded to qualifying students! Students will have the opportunity to meet with current scholarship recipients, have an individual meeting with their admissions representative and audition with SHU music, art and theater faculty.

Visitors are also encouraged to enhance their visit to SHU with a campus tour and complementary lunch in SHU's new McLaughlin University Center.

Arts Scholarship Days will be conducted on the following dates:

  • Friday, April 11, 2014 (juniors and transfer students only)

Please contact the Admissions Office if these dates don’t work with your schedule. Alternative dates and times can be discussed for your audition. 

Art Portfolio Reviews begin @ 11 a.m.
Theater Auditions begin @ 11 a.m.
Choir auditions begin @ 11 a.m.
Music and Band Auditions begin @ 1 p.m.

Pre-registration is required. Contact the Admissions Office at or 517-264-7180 for more information. 

What to Bring/How to Prepare


Prospective Music Major Audition
Your audition should demonstrate a high level of preparation. Please bring a résumé (a list of your musical experience) to your audition, as well as your most recent transcript and ACT scores. Also please prepare the following:
  • Solo performance of two contrasting pieces (preferably from different time periods). Vocalists should perform one piece in a foreign language, if possible.
  • Students will also be tested on their proficiency in scales, as well as sight-reading abilities. A music theory placement exam will also be conducted.
Vocal (choirs) Audition
Vocalists, your audition/interview will include the following:
  • Perform a solo of your choice
  • Check of sight-reading ability
  • Check of musical memory
  • Check of range and tone quality
Instrumental (bands) Audition
Instrumentalists, your audition/interview will include the following:

  • Perform two excerpts demonstrating technical and lyrical abilities
  • Perform two major scales of the student’s choice, as well as the instrument’s full range chromatic scale
  • Brief sight-reading example 


Your audition/interview should include the following: 
  • A high level of preparation demonstrating the ability and confidence to present when speaking about works of theater. 
  • We love seeing additional exposure to theater outside of school, including further lessons and productions.
  • Please bring a résumé, including a list of works in which you have participated. 
  • Head shots are optional. 
  • We recommend that you bring copies of your transcripts and test scores for review.
Here are some additional things to prepare: 
Theater Audition
  • Two contrasting monologues: 60 seconds in length each.
Musical Theater Audition
  • Sing 32 bars of music of your choice (SHU will provide an accompanist. Please bring any necessary sheet music.) 
  • One monologue: 60 seconds in length.


Please bring:
  • A completed art questionnaire form.
  • As many different art media as possible, such as:
  • Drawings demonstrating your ability to draw from observation (still-lifes, figures or landscapes)
  • Design
  • Photography
  • Painting
  • Three-dimensional art: sculpture, ceramics, metalsmithing
During a portfolio review, art faculty will be looking for:
  • A high level of craftsmanship, care, and attention to detail in artwork
  • The ability to write and speak well and show a grasp of art language when speaking about works of art
  • Observational drawing skills: draw still lifes, figures, and/or landscapes from life
  • Exposure to art outside of school, including additional lessons, visits to art galleries and museums, having art displayed in exhibitions, receiving awards, etc.
  • High GPA and ACT scores
To learn more about scholarship opportunities and potential careers in art, click here.