Global Studies

Global Studies

In an ever-increasing interdependent world, more careers will depend on the ability to understand and analyze the changing cultural landscape. The Global Studies major prepares SHU students for this future leadership on a global stage.
Dr. Julieanna Frost
Program Director
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NEW FOR FALL 2018! Global Studies is a rigorous interdisciplinary program that provides students with the theoretical and practical tools to critically analyze the ongoing processes of cultural, economic and political change in the world. The major will prepare students for a variety of careers in the international arena as well as for further graduate study programs such as international affairs, international business and peace studies. 

Professor of History
Assistant Professor of History; Program Coordinator

Three Things: Global Studies

  • Tailored so students engage in focused study of a particular world region
  • Partners with several non-governmental organizations to provide student internships
  • Encourages a study abroad experience for scholars so they can further develop their skills with international experience

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  • Bachelor of Arts


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