Master of Business Administration Online

Master of Business Administration Online

The Siena MBA will require students to apply their knowledge in order to hone skills and better develop their talents as ethical business innovators.
Dr. Cheri Betz, EdD
Dean for Graduate and Professional Studies
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While designing our MBA, we first asked employers and business leaders about their current and future needs. Using their input, we developed a curriculum focused upon ethical and sustainable business practices. Our MBA students will experience in-depth exposure to business theories not covered during their undergraduate coursework. 

Some other key points about the Siena Heights MBA include:

  • Flexible: Our MBA is open to not only those students with a BBA, but also to many other majors, including nursing and engineering. No prerequisites!
  • Convenient: Online eight-week courses complement your busy schedule.
  • Effective: SHU’s online programs have been ranked first in Michigan and in the top 25 nationally based on student engagement and retention.
  • Focused: Courses include business topics like: Ethics in a Global Environment, Sustainable Business Management and Business Strategy and Planning
  • Relevant: Students will be able to share their work experiences in the classroom and apply their coursework in their career field.
  • Recognized: Our MBA program is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission


Other Requirements


Completed bachelor’s degree with minimum 3.0 grade point average required for full admission. 


Course Type
Required Credit Hours
Course Type REQUIRED
Required Credit Hours 24Credit Hours
Required Credit Hours 9Credit Hours
Managerial Courses/Processes
Required Credit Hours 3Credit Hours
Capstone Course and Culminating Experience
Total for major
36Credit Hours
Course Name
Course Type
Credit Hours
Course Name Business Research Methods
Course Type REQUIRED
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Business Strategy and Planning
Course Type REQUIRED
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Capstone Course & Culminating
Course Type REQUIRED
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Ethics in a Global Environment
Course Type REQUIRED
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Financial Statement Analysis
Course Type REQUIRED
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Managerial Economics
Course Type REQUIRED
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Managing Global Business and
Course Type REQUIRED
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Marketing Strategy
Course Type REQUIRED
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Organizational Behavior
Course Type REQUIRED
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Project Management
Course Type REQUIRED
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Quantitative Methods
Course Type REQUIRED
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Sustainable Business Management:
Course Type REQUIRED
Credit Hours 3
Director of the MBA Program
Business Administration
Professor of Management
Online Learning
Online Learning
Professor of Leadership, Graduate College
Leadership: Organizational
Associate Professor of Leadership, Graduate College
Leadership: Organizational
248-799-5490 ext. 7226

1. Demonstrate creative problem-solving and implementation through strategic planning, innovation, justice, ethical and sustainable practices to support exceptional decision-making and social responsibility
2. Demonstrate analytical skills through the integration of various business tools and techniques to solve complex business problems and evaluate business opportunities 
3. Demonstrate leadership and management skills needed for implementing positive organizational change by treating all stakeholders with dignity and respect
4. Understand and effectively communicate quantitative and qualitative information professionally through exceptional written, verbal and analytical skills
5. Foster collaboration by leading and working effectively in a team-based environment demonstrated through self-awareness and respecting the differences in others


1. Submit the following documents:

  • Online application
  • Current resume
  • 500-word personal statement
  • Conviction disclosure form
  • All post-secondary official transcripts

2. Applicants meeting selection criteria will have documents reviewed by the Faculty Admissions Team.

Dr. Eboni Mathis is the director of the Master of Business Administration program. 

Dr. Mathis received her Doctorate of Management from the University of Maryland, Master of Science degree in Administration from Central Michigan University, a Master of Arts degree in Community Counseling from SHU as well as a Bachelor of Business Administration degree with a concentration in Management Information Technology from Cleary University.

“Siena's MBA program will provide students with a convenient and challenging educational experience,” said Dr. Mathis. “Our MBA will produce highly skilled thought leaders to their respective business communities, rich in dynamic problem-solving skills needed to lead organizations. MBA graduates of Siena will be even more competent, purposeful and ethical and will respect the dignity of all.”

Dr. Mathis brings with her experience in teaching, developing and administering ground and online programs along with industry experience in the areas of IT and corporate relations. She previously taught as an adjunct instructor for Siena within the College for Professional Studies.

SHU’s MBA is open to not only those students with a BBA, but also to students and many other majors, including nursing and engineering. No prerequisite entry courses are required. 

An MBA will increase your marketability in the workplace, a Health Administration specialization will laser focus those skills in the areas you need it the most. Siena Heights University’s specialized program prepares the next generation of health care leaders and achievers and is recommended for anyone wanting to climb the corporate ladder. 

Health care employers today are looking for graduates with a combination of core business knowledge and skills coupled with a solid understanding of healthcare administration, current issues in health care, as well as medical law. Therefore, the health administration specialization courses will include:

  • LDR 609 (Health Systems Management)
  • LDR 614 (Contemporary Issues in Health Care Administration)
  • LDR 650 (Medical Law)

Each specialization course will provide a unique business focus on the health care industry that will complement the core business courses offered in the MBA program.


Siena Heights has chosen to become an educational member of the International Accreditation Council for Business Education (IACBE). While Siena is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission, becoming an educational member of IACBE is the first required step to pursuing specialized business accreditation with this accreditor. In keeping with Siena’s mission of competent, purposeful and ethical, pursuing specialized business accreditation for Siena’s Leadership and MBA programs will hold Siena accountable to its mission of producing high-quality learning outcomes for students.

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