Community and Human Services: Concentration in Family Systems

Community and Human Services: Concentration in Family Systems

Siena prepared me very well. Siena Heights has been very influential in my life. The spirit of what the Adrian Dominicans represent, I try to live each day.
Terry Beurer ’80
Director of Field Operations, Michigan Department of Human Services
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The Bachelor of Arts Degree in Community and Human Services is great for students interested in or already working in a number of the helping professions, including human and social service agencies, non-profit agencies and faith-based organizations.

This program offers a strong overview of the social service field and the role of the professional as an agent for positive social change. Students can choose to either complete a general Community and Human Services major or they can enhance the degree with a Family Systems Concentration. Community and Human Services is designed for students with some previous study and/or experience in the social sciences.


• Family Services Program Staff Member

• Family Services Program Administrator

• Community Agency Program Staff Member

• Community Agency Program Coordinator

• 4-H Youth Agency

• Cooperative Extension Service Agent

• Cooperative Extension Service Specialist

• Volunteer Coordinator

• Program Staff Member for Youth

• Program Director for Youth

• Program Staff Member for the Elderly

• Program Director for the Elderly

• Child Life Specialist

• Government Policy Making

• Youth Advisor or Counselor

• Family Independence Agency (FIA)

• Health Advisor

This program also prepares you for continuing your education after graduation with a master’s degree in social work or counseling.


Assistant Professor of Social & Behavioral Science
Course Requirements
Prerequisites: 6 semester hours
PSY 111 Introduction to Psychology
SOC 111 Introduction to Sociology

Program Requirements: 21 semester hours
CSV 320 Community Services Systems
CSV 460 Crisis Intervention
SOC 341 Research in the Social Sciences
PSY 340 Social Psychology
PSY 360 Counseling Techniques and Practice
SOC 312 Marriage and Family Relations
CSV 495 Community Services Practice

Family Systems Concentration: 12 semester hours
SOC 355 Investigative Techniques in Social Services
PSY 312 Early Interventions with Children/Families (0-6)
PSY 313 Early Interventions with Children/Families (6-12)

Select two from the following courses:
PSY 370 Psychology of Aging
PSY 432 Crisis in Adolescence
PSY 440 Personality
PSY 452 Family Social Issues
CRJ 340 Juvenile Justice
SOC 314 Ethnic Dimensions of American Society

Additional Info


  • Bachelor of Arts


  • Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences



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