Social Work

Social Work

I believe that teaching within the social work discipline begins with guiding students through the process of self-exploration which helps them to identify and cultivate strengths and talents while also acknowledging and addressing challenges and limitations.
Dalila John
Assistant Professor of Social Work; Director of Social Work
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If you enjoy helping others and want to make a difference, consider the social work profession. Social workers assist individuals and families in every stage of life across communities, seeking to address emotional, psychological, physical and economic needs. They also empower groups, organizations and communities to employ change on global levels.

If you are looking to find a program with professional faculty, small class sizes and practical hands-on learning, Siena Heights University’s Social Work Program is the ideal fit for you.

FAST FACT: Senior portfolios document each student’s achievement of the program’s learning objectives.

Siena Heights University’s Baccalaureate Social Work Program (BSW) has earned nationally recognized accreditation from the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE). The faculty members of the Social Work Program are dedicated to educating social work majors to become competent, ethical and purposeful generalist social work practitioners who are committed to the well-being of people who are vulnerable and oppressed.

Educational Goals

  • Prepare baccalaureate students to become competent, ethical and purposeful generalist social work practitioners who work with individuals, families, groups, communities and organizations
  • Provide a social work education program that incorporates content about, and commitment to, social work ethics and values, social justice and enhancing the well-being of vulnerable and oppressed people
  • Prepare graduates to assume responsibility for continuing their professional development

The Social Work program curriculum combines liberal arts and sociology courses that include community-based learning experiences with professional social work courses that focus on:

  • Human behavior in the social environment
  • Social science research
  • Social welfare policy
  • Social work ethics and values
  • Diversity and culture competence
  • Social work practice with individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities
  • Field practice

Graduates of the program have proven themselves to be well-prepared for immediate employment in public and private social service positions and contribute to the well-being of individuals, families, groups and communities and/or to successfully complete work at the master's degree level.

Baccalaureate Social Work Program (BSW)


  • Service
  • Social justice
  • Dignity and worth of the person
  • Importance of human relationships
  • Integrity
  • Competence
Course Type
Required Credit Hours
Course Type
Required Credit Hours 3Credit Hours
Course Type COGNATE
Required Credit Hours 61Credit Hours
Required Credit Hours 32Credit Hours
Course Type REQUIRED
Required Credit Hours 27Credit Hours
Total for major
123Credit Hours
Course Name
Course Type
Credit Hours
Course Name Human Behavior & Soc Env I
Course Type REQUIRED
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Human Behavior & Soc Env II
Course Type REQUIRED
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Intro to Social Wk & Soc Welfare
Course Type REQUIRED
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Intro to Social Work Practice
Course Type REQUIRED
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Junior Seminar
Course Type REQUIRED
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Macro Social Work Practice
Course Type REQUIRED
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Senior Seminar
Course Type REQUIRED
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Social Welfare Policy
Course Type REQUIRED
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Social Work Field Practice I
Course Type REQUIRED
Credit Hours 6
Course Name Social Work Field Practice II
Course Type REQUIRED
Credit Hours 6
Course Name Social Work Practice II
Course Type REQUIRED
Credit Hours 4
Course Name Social Work Practice with
Course Type REQUIRED
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Social Work with Families
Course Type REQUIRED
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Social Work with Groups
Course Type REQUIRED
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Introduction to Sociology
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Research in Social Sciences
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Soc Perspective/Race & Ethnicity
Credit Hours 3
Course Name Social Justice/Local-Global Cont
Credit Hours 3
Associate Professor of Social Work and Director of Social Work
Social Work
Associate Professor of Social Work, Director of Field Education
Social Work

Siena Heights University and Barry University in Miami Shores, Fla., recently signed a five-year articulation agreement that will offer Siena Heights social work graduates preference in acceptance and a reduced tuition rate to pursue a master’s degree at Barry’s School of Social Work Advanced Standing MSW Program. Both institutions are sponsored by the Adrian Dominican Sisters.

“We are pleased to be able to partner with Barry University, which has an outstanding master’s degree program in social work,” said SHU President Sister Peg Albert, OP, PhD. “This is an agreement that will benefit both institutions, both most importantly, also our social work students here at Siena Heights.”

Barry’s Advanced Standing MSW Program consists of 32 credit hours and 616 field education hours. Students can choose between full-time enrollment, which allows for completion of the MSW in approximately seven months, and part-time enrollment, which is completed in 16 months. The cost per credit hour for SHU students attending the Miami campus $565, discounted from the regular $960 per credit hour rate.

Siena Heights social work graduates will be given every consideration for financial assistance – including graduate assistantships – and will be eligible to compete for non-need-based academic scholarships at Barry. They also will receive preference in admissions, individual admissions consultation upon request, early advising and orientation, community service and research opportunities with faculty and fellow students, and the opportunity to apply for funds to attend and present at national conferences.

The agreement will run until Feb. 1, 2020.

For more information about the Barry University’s School of Social Work Advanced Standing MSW Program, go to www.barry.edu/msw.

For more information about Siena Heights University’s social work program, visit www.go.sienaheights.edu.

Employers recognize that graduates with a Siena Heights University BSW degree have specific professional training and field practice experience that enables them to work effectively with individuals, families, small groups, communities and organizations.

Some of the career opportunities include:

  • probation officers
  • foster care and adoption case managers
  • treatment specialists
  • homeless specialists
  • mental health case managers
  • children’s service coordinators
  • supportive service counselors
  • group home service coordinators
  • admissions coordinators
  • migrant program service workers
  • bereavement coordinators
  • substance abuse counselors
  • corrections officers
  • senior service case workers
  • parent aide workers
  • respite care coordinators
  • nursing home service coordinators
  • discharge planning coordinators

"The social work program at Siena Heights University provided me with a solid foundation to enter the social work field. One of the most valuable skills I obtained was the confidence that my education adequately prepared me for my current position. I was also provided the opportunity to build relationships within the community and to make professional contacts that I continue to utilize in my profession on a daily basis."

– Kathleen Meyers '12
Foster Care Case Manager
Catholic Charities of Jackson, Lenawee & Hillsdale Counties

The Social Work Internship Program

Social work students look forward to their supervised field practice where they work in agency and organizational settings, applying what they have learned in the classroom to real life situations. Depending on the population served by the field placement agency, students may:
• Provide social services to elderly in nursing homes
• Help hospital patients make discharge plans
• Work with parents to improve their parenting skills
• Conduct home visits and access needs of families
• Implement intervention plans for at-risk children
• Interact with adjudicated juveniles in a residential setting
• Help families deal with grief and bereavement
• Assist people with mental illness to handle daily living tasks
• Work with women and children in a domestic violence shelter
• Assist homeless people in finding shelter
• Develop programs for children at a local agency

Hands-On Experience
There are many opportunities to do field placements in Lenawee County, including:
• Adrian Dominican Sisters
• Boys and Girls Club of Lenawee
• Bixby Medical Center Social Work Department
• Catherine Cobb Domestic Violence Program
• Catholic Charities
• Communities in Schools of Lenawee
• Community Action Agency
• Family Counseling and Children’s Services
• Family Service & Children’s Aid
• Hope Community Center
• Hospice of Lenawee
• Lenawee Community Mental Health Authority
• Lenawee County Department of Human Services
• Lenawee County Probate Court
• Lenawee Department of Aging
• Lenawee Emergency and Affordable Housing Corporation
• Lenawee Intermediate School District
• Lenawee Medical Care Facility
• Lenawee Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition
• Lenawee United Way
• Maurice Spear Campus
• South Central Michigan Works!
• St. Louis Center

The Social Work Student Association is an organization for students that works to promote the development and unity of the Social Work program. It also increases understanding and awareness of the social work profession and social welfare issues, and provides opportunities for the students to participate in social responsibility activities both on campus and in the community. Recently, the organization has planned and implemented such events and activities as community fundraisers, celebrations for National Social Work Month, clothing drives for local nonprofit agencies, volunteering for a local nursing home and volunteering for the local Boys and Girls Club.

The Social Work Student Association also strives to provide opportunities for students to socialize through events such as movie nights, bowling and ice skating.        

Additional Info


  • Bachelor of Social Work


  • Division of Social and Behavioral Sciences



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