Getting to Know You

The SHU Marketing Office is attempting to create updated/new faculty profiles on the web site, and is asking for your cooperation. Please take advantage of this great marketing opportunity for both you and your program.

Please take a few minutes to fill out the information form at right.

Any new or current (full-time) faculty member on the Adrian campus can schedule a video/photo appointment from Monday-Friday.They will be scheduled in 20-minute blocks during these times, and scheduling is on a first-come, first-serve basis. Please come to Sacred Heart Hall Room 112 at your scheduled time. These videos will be edited to 2-3 minutes in length for use on YouTube and our University web site.

NOTE: Those faculty not teaching on the Adrian campus, our office will schedule and coordinate dates with the site/regional directors to come to our CPS locations later this semester to shoot these videos. More details to follow.

Below is a brief rundown of what to expect for the video shoot:

Questions: (Typical and can be slightly altered for specific areas)

1.      Introduce yourself (name, title/rank) and tell us what you do at Siena?

2.      Describe your program.

3.      What are your classes like, or how do you want your classes to be?

5.      What makes your program unique from other schools?

6.      What is the most important thing you want students considering Siena Heights to know about your program?

When they ask these questions they will ask that you repeat the question in part of the answer. For example: What are the classes like? Well, the classes at Siena Heights University are small and intimate, and are very focused on the student to ensure that each student is given the necessary tools to succeed.

If you decide not to do a video, we would ask that you still schedule a time to get your photo taken and complete the form so we can have our full-time faculty representation on our web site.

The Marketing Office will confirm your appointment. Laura Marsh is your contact person if you have any questions. She can be contacted at 264-7144 or

Thank you!

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