Intent to Vacate University Housing & Security Deposit Refund Form

University policy states that all fulltime students must live on campus for three years or until the student reaches senior status or 21 years of age (must be attained prior to September 1st).  Some students may be exempt from housing if they meet certain criteria.

Please fill this form if you are not planning to return to University housing for the next semester. Please return it prior to the beginning of the semester to receive your  security deposit refund. Deposits will be forfeited once the new semester begins. Also, make an appoint with  the Director of Student Success for an exit interview if you haven’t already.

Any student that moves from University housing during the academic year but remains a SHU student will be charged a $500 contract breakage fee for moving off campus. This fee is may be appealed in writing to the Director of Residence Life.  

In some cases, moving off campus may affect your financial aid. Please check with the Financial Aid Office regrading this issue.

Please note: Deposits will not be processed until you have completely checked out. Damages may still be deducted including improper checkout fees. If money is owed to the University for any reason your deposit will be applied to your account.

Mail Forwarding Information
University mail services will not forward your mail. Please make sure you take the following steps:

  1. Forward your mail through the USPS for no delays.
  2. Contact your different services directly (credit cards, bank, loans, etc.) to update your address.
  3. Call your magazine companies—these cannot be forwarded.
  4. Always update your shipping information for online purchases.

Application Form

Please answer ONLY the following questions that apply to you: