Himelhoch, Carol R.

  • Title: Professor of Management
  • Department: Online Learning
  • PhD, Organizational Behavior and Management, University of Michigan; MA, Higher Education, University of Michigan; MBA, University of Michigan
  • About
Professor of Management


Meet Carol Himelhoch

  • PhD: Management and Organizational Behavior, University of Michigan
  • MBA: Management, University of Michigan
  • BA: Communications, University of Michigan

Recent Awards/Achievements

Presented at four national conferences, including the following:

  • The American Educational Research Association 2007 Annual Meeting; Chicago, IL; April 12, 2007. Co-authored the paper, “Strangers in a strange land: Faculty leadership in context,” with Eric L. Dey and Mary Antonaros.
  • The American Educational Research Association 2007 Annual Meeting; Chicago, IL; April 11, 2007. Co-authored the paper, “A different kind of diversity outcome: Medical school experiences associated with physician choices to serve the underserved,” with Eric L. Dey, Paula Ross, and Casey B. White.
  • The Association for Institutional Research 46th Annual Forum; Chicago, IL; May 17, 2006. Co-authored the paper, “Medical School Experiences that Influence Medical School Graduates to Assume Leadership Roles to Care for the Underserved,” with Eric Dey, Casey B. White, Cheryl Simpson, and Paula Ross.
  • The 12th Annual Sloan-C International Conference on Asynchronous Learning Networks, Orlando, FL, November 9, 2006. Presented the paper, “Preliminary consideration of the importance of residency requirements for distance learning degrees” with James Sam, Michael Winstrom, and James O’Flynn.
  • 2008 Jack Bologna Award for Innovative Teaching recipient
Teaching Philosophy

"I regard teaching as an opportunity to mentor students in their quest to fulfill their goals in life. Consistent with the Dominican tradition of reflection, exploration of vital questions, social justice, and participation in community, my conception of learning is that it is socially-constructed, not received. The role of teacher is to inspire and coach students to learn and think critically in a collaborative environment. The responsibility for learning rests with the student. To that end, my goal is to engage students by helping them find relevance in the course, and to examine their existing personal, professional, and social assumptions, so they can grow beyond them."

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