Winstrom, Michael R.

  • Title: Associate Professor of Philosophy
  • Department: Online Learning
  • M.A., University of Michigan; B.A., University of Nebraska-Omaha.
  • Phone: 248-799-5490
  • Campus: Online Learning

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Bachelor of Applied Science

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Associate Professor of Philosophy


Meet Michael Winstrom
Associate Professor of Philosophy 


  • M.A. in Philosophy, University of Michigan
  • B.A. in Philosophy, University of Omaha-Nebraska
  • Certified Online Instructor

Recent Awards and Achievements
  • 2007: Recipient of the Jack Bologna Innovative Teaching Award

Teaching Philosophy

“Teaching at Siena has been my most gratifying professional experience. Non-traditional students bring to the University a wealth of life experience and wisdom. The online courses - which have become my main focus - only emphasize this. Discussions of ethical predicaments in the the business world and the wider society have a special openness in the online courses. I’m continually impressed with the creation of the online communities in Siena’s courses.”