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General Studies Graduate; President of Malley's Chocolates, Cleveland, Ohio

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General Studies Graduate; President of Malley's Chocolates, Cleveland, Ohio


Meet Dan Malley ’85

General Studies Graduate

“You don’t realize how close you are to the people, unfortunately, until after you leave the school. When you were sick, I had people who heard I was sick through other friends and other classes and would say, ‘Hey, how are you doing?’ That really surprised me, because when I was at a larger school, that was just unheard of.”

Dan Malley, current president of Malley's Chocolates in Cleveland, Ohio, originally attended a larger university out of high school before he found
Siena Heights on a visit with his parents.

“When I came to Siena Heights, I just had a connection with it,” Malley said. “I just thought it was the right fit for me at the right time.”

Malley, now the third generation of his family to operate the business that started in 1935, said Siena Heights prepared him well for his future.

“I studied just about everything you could study there,” said Malley, who majored in General Studies at Siena. “I spent most of my time in hotel management courses. It was the closest thing I could find to running a chocolate factory.”

And his relationships he made while at Siena have even helped him professionally.

“The friendships I created at Siena Heights,” Malley continued, “it’s definitely helped me in my career with Malley’s Chocolates. It turned out that several of our biggest customers are graduates of Siena Heights that I met while at school.

“Everything worked out great. I’m happy with the education that I received,” Malley said. “We did a lot of unique things at school there. It was a great experience for me.”


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