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Biology Graduate; Advance Practice Nurse

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Biology Graduate; Advance Practice Nurse


Meet Traci Stewart '02
Biology Graduate

An advance practice nurse and doctoral candidate in Northville, Mich., Traci Stewart majored in biology at Siena, certain she wanted to be a doctor despite her frustration with senior research.

“On a few occasions, Professor Carl Kaster, who knew me well, mentioned there were other things I could do with a biology degree, but I had my mind set. But it turned out medical school was not for me and I did not want to be a doctor. Not until I was sitting in a research nursing class did it hit me: ‘I understand what they are talking about—this is how you use research in the real world—and I like it!’ Suddenly, all the hours spent on my senior project became useful and everything I had learned working toward my biology degree was applicable. All those experiences formed a strong foundation—strong enough to make me successful now as a nurse practitioner and in the future as I continue my work—and research!—in women’s health and health care disparities.”