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Communications and Business Graduate


As part of an internship with the SHU Marketing Office in winter/spring 2014, Matt Robinet was asked what the "Opportunity U" brand meant to him. He developed the following response below, which led to the eventual creation of a television commercial for the University.

"I came to Siena Heights in 2010 with the full intention of playing soccer and getting good grades in order to become a secondary education English teacher. Since arriving on campus, I’ve…

  • Changed my major twice
  • Added a second major
  • Joined the track and field team
  • Joined three student organizations and
  • Became president of Student Government
None of the above were in my original plan. Neither were these:
    • Attending every show that our theater program put on
    • Buying and living in a house in the middle of Adrian
    • Getting the chance to go to Jamaica on a service trip.
    As a liberal arts University, Siena Heights has also given me the opportunity to:
    • Learn how to play the guitar
    • Become more proficient in Spanish
    • Think like a philosopher when the need arises, and
    • Understand more clearly the meaning of the Bible

    I came to Siena with a certain level of expectation for myself; but I never would have guessed the above things were what I would be doing once I made it here. My expectations were blown out of the water, and it never would have happened like this for me at a larger university.

    Now that I am nearing graduation with a double major in Business Administration and Communications, I am starting to look into possible job opportunities. I feel as though my time at Siena has prepared me to join the working world with the confidence needed to be successful in whatever career I choose for myself. While I don’t know what that career may be, I am sure that my work will be competent, purposeful and ethical in the Siena way

    That's the Siena Effect."

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